Oracle Malaysia’s Blockchain and Emerging Tech Initiatives

In view of the recent business shift due to Covid-19, many C-level executives have been tasked to revisit all initiatives and look into every facet of their businesses to discover what works, what doesn’t work and to discard any components deemed redundant or unnecessary. Here’s what Oracle Malaysia is doing in terms of its blockchain and other emerging technology initiatives.


According to a recent interview by Asia Blockchain Review’s Anil Prabha and Oracle Malaysia’s MD – Fitri Abdullah, said this year 2020 has been a very challenging year indeed.

Oracle is currently looking for ways to actively help their customers overcome business challenges. For example in Malaysia, they have many clients who are subscribed to the Oracle Cloud Solutions via cloud computing. Cloud has indeed become the new normal among many businesses in various industries.

“If one were to take into consideration of the IT spend, then cloud seems to be the choice for many businesses leveraging their investments mainly cost-cutting, creating innovations and removing inefficiencies, he said. Today, its all about survival and sustenance but like all global pandemic effects, we will see improvement and increase in the uptakes.

It has been reported that ever since Oracle launched their new Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs in May 2019, they have received a lot of positive feedback and uptake of their cloud services both, by the local SMEs and global business circles. Their cloud solutions seems to be the preferred choice among many small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs).

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Apparently this hub is supported by a range of state of the art tools and facilities to tap into emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning (ML) , Artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and autonomous databases to drive business value growth in SMEs and the larger companies too.

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In Conclusion

As Oracle Malaysia is gearing to provide their services to a more diverse segment of clients and are focused on delivering industry 4.0 solutions so that more companies can get on board and innovate.

Oracle and many other companies are seen positive to bring some amount of change or shift in strategies to continue to support SMEs in blockchain and other emerging technologies adoption as well.

Can we think out of the box and find ways to continue to strive in these uncertain times? I believe so.

Chances are for those who want to continue to stay in business will need think differently, about their IT spends and find out ways on how to safe as much how to generate reveneue when many organizations and industries have been tightening their wallets.

Businesses need to gear up and make strides of change in order to deliver their solutions at more cost effective if not down right affordable rates, else risk getting push aside but already larger companies like Oracle who are walking on the street to reach out smaller SMEs to introduce their cost-saving solutions.


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