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Ernie Ahmad Petaling Jaya

A great course to attend. Value for money invested. Very skillful and resourceful instructor. I have a good time and experience attending the 2-days course. Highly recommended for those who interested in venturing into Blockchain technology.

Mohamad Sazali Samjis Kuala Lumpur

It’s a must get certification for everybody especially financial industries !!!

Mohamed Mohamad Khairul Petaling Jaya

Great place and course to understands blockchain. Blockchain is not only about bitcoin.

Rohana Sham Kuala Lumpur

The training is great and i learn a lot of things in the blockchain course! The trainer is very helpful and full of knowledge.

Jafor Ali Kuala Lumpur

I have got the real knowledge of Blockchain Technology and I strongly believe it will open up to my research in future.

David Bong Kuala Lumpur

Nice training with knowledgeable trainer!

Ahmad Syamil Kuala Lumpur

Jam-packed with informations that open up to a new perspective for blockchain technology.A must attend course!!

Mohd Harun Abd Jabbar Kuala Lumpur

Extremely glad I attended this program. Well presented. Well explained. Thumbs UP!

Elaine Ng Kuala Lumpur

Mr Amarjit is an excellent speaker! A great training which inspires me!

Ruben Mahendran Kuala Lumpur
Excellent program tells how me how much more I need to learn . Attended the Certified Fintech Professional Program. Excellent program. Recommend every entreprenuer out there to attend if your interested to know more about Fintech and Blockchain.
Ryan Kan Tak Ting Kuala Lumpur

Best teacher in Asia. One with all the knowledge about blockchain. Ask him, if he can't ask him again?

Izzat Rahman Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Amarjit is a credible and informative instructor. He helped me understand the intricacies of blockchain. Good stuff and I highly recommend.

Jane Sin Kuala Lumpur

Excellence and great training by AS - FinTech Professional.

Vincent Chen Kuala Lumpur

The training on the Certified Fintech Professional course is particularly enlightening and hope to see similar courses from Blockchain Academy Malaysia.

Khairil If Kuala Lumpur

Very informative and thought provoking session.

Amos Forestry Kuala Lumpur

The course was very comprehensive and conducted by an experienced Trainer who answered all questions raised by the participants. Very good session indeed.

Ng Swee Yuen Kuala Lumpur

Very informative training for the next coming technologies...

Wong Mun Ching Kuala Lumpur

Good sharing by the speaker.

Veera Govindan Kuala Lumpur

Very informative and energetic presentation.

Jason Ng Petaling Jaya

Simple and direct!

Shaji Petaling Jaya

Good speaker, good topic, good venue.

Lim Keng Seong Kuala Lumpur

I learnt a ton. Very very good training.

Corwin Lim Petaling Jaya

Excellent speaker! Now I know what to do to profit from blockchain.

Arief Azhar Petaling Jaya

Valuable experience and worth it! Looking forward to learn more.

Thiaga M Kuala Lumpur

Eye opener to whats going on and what needs to be done to get ready.

D L Kuala Lumpur

Given a lots of ideas and what is happening right now in the market of how blockchain tech is booming in finance industry

Mihna Zahir Petaling Jaya

I gained a lot of knowledge and I am very interested in learning more now.

Hoh JJ Kuala Lumpur

Very interesting session. Inspired me to have a new direction. TQ

Cally Yau Kuala Lumpur

Gained valuable insight on blockchain tech and how fintech can help start ups. Good learning!

Chan Jiong Jiet Petaling Jaya

Great speaker and amazing insights of blockchain and fintech industry!

Hafidz Baharom Kuala Lumpur

Very informative, especially for writers and journalists needing a crash course on the basics.

Ng Hao Siong Kuala Lumpur

Learnt a lot about blockchain technology from these people. Awesome!

Kar Yoong Cheah Kuala Lumpur

Very nice experience! Totally worth the money.

Danny Chin Singapore

It is interesting to see how Malaysians are using blockchain. Very informative workshops.

Derrick Liew @ DL Kuala Lumpur

Given a lots of ideas and what is happening right now in the market of how blockchain tech is booming in finance industry.

WXiong Chee Petaling Jaya

Got to know a lot of insight in fintech sector.

Sung Ming Chiam Petaling Jaya

The talk is awesome and the trainer very knowledgeable.

Stephen Megam Kuala Lumpur

Very insightful training! Thank you.

Dennis Bong Kuala Lumpur

Very good sharing of insight and additional info on blockchain technology.

Wood Child Kuala Lumpur

Very informative session.

Ruben Mahendran Petaling Jaya

Excellent program tells how me how much more I need to learn.

Ahmad Affan Kuala Lumpur

Mr Amarjit Singh is a very insightful person to talk about the Fintech scene. An hour and a half of his session managed to bring a very fresh perspective on the scene.

Nicholas Cheoh Petaling Jaya

Thanks for your fantastic sharing!

Kuhan Ganeswaran Kuala Lumpur

Good education and trainer!

Kishanthini Raj Petaling Jaya

Learned something new and very interesting topic to know about.

Shine Lim Kuala Lumpur

Very good information.

Siva Elan Petaling Jaya

Very good training. Specific details about fintech opportunities.

Thanny Ng Petaling Jaya

Awesome and eye-opening. Informative and better clearer understanding of blockchain tech.

Farrell Petaling Jaya

Great intro sharing of the scene and how to go into it.

Hidayah Azam Petaling Jaya

Informative session 👍

Mohd Azmil Kuala Lumpur

Superb event. Hope more to come!!

Dalila Abu Bakar Kuala Lumpur

Good info sharing session.

Abu Sayeed Hamed Petaling Jaya

Great session. Learned a lot from this session.

Izwan Zakaria Petaling Jaya

Good presentation on fintech startups and how blockchain can help improve our lives.

Tengku Arief Mubin Petaling Jaya

Session was too brief. Hope any upcoming events can share more about blockchain. Overall, very informative.

Wei Yeoh Petaling Jaya

Attended their event. Well done. Create more awareness in Malaysia.

Chris Lim Kuala Lumpur

Nice sharing on blockchain trend.

M Hilmi Petaling Jaya

A very good resource for a startup that wants to leverage the ability of blockchain technology.

Alex Sim Petaling Jaya

First time attended a Blockchain talk. Learned a lot.

Vincent Cheong MW Petaling Jaya

A great presentation of knowledge and information on blockchain.

Xiao Qian How Kuala Lumpur

Short and informative course for blockchain 101.

DH Stol Petaling Jaya

Great talk by Amarjit. I'm interested in my own DApp creation now!

Sharanya Sredharan Kuala Lumpur

The training was interesting. Learnt a lot about blockchain technology and how it works. Looking forward to launching my own startup.

Hariz Imran Petaling Jaya

It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it for all ages and sectors!