Course Overview

Certified Blockchain Technologist™ is a 2-day instructor-led training. Participants will explore not only the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology but also gain an in-depth understanding of how to use this technology to build decentralized applications (dApps).

Participants will undergo a well-rounded training in terms of learning the practicality of blockchain and going through many case-studies  and real-world examples. This is NOT a theory class! On Day-2 of the training, participants will literally form groups and install a private blockchain in class. This training is conducted by an industry expert.

Blockchain has already disrupted close to 25 industries worldwide and its only begun to scratch the surface. There is no better time than now to become Blockchain Certified.


No technical knowledge is required to attend this course.

What You Will Learn

By the time you complete this 2-day intensive training, you will be able to...

  • Define exactly what blockchain technology is and its fundamental concepts.
  • Discuss why blockchain technology and decentralized applications (dApps) are beyond payments and finance.
  • Identify and examine what are the existing Blockchain protocols and digital currencies eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.
  • Illustrate what are smart contracts, smart properties and other smart assets.
  • Assemble and analyse how the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) works.
  • Recognize what are some of the common blockchain tools and programming languages used to code blockchain.
  • Inspect what is Blockchain 3.0 and why it matters.
  • Understand the difference between the various crytpocurrencies (eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS)
  • See the various types of crypto wallets in the market and determine which ones are safe and which are scams.
  • Learn how to incorporate digital payments into your business.
  • Discover why is it better to engage a local payments company than a foreign one.
  • Assess what are the technical limitations of blockchain technology and the possible solutions.
  • Discuss and closely examine how Malaysia and other countries in SEA are implementing blockchain technology.
  • Examine the different type of crypto exchanges in the market and which ones have been approved by SC.
  • Study the guidelines setup by Bank Negara Malaysia and SC (Securities Commission of Malaysia) on Digital Assest Exchanges.
  • Construct a private blockchain in class and experience first hand the back-end codes and syntax used by programs to setup a blockchain environment (LIVE IMPLEMENTATION).
  • Predict the future of blockchain technology, Ai and other emerging tech in 2020 and beyond.


CBT Instructor
Amarjit Singh

The instructor for this training is Amarjit Singh. He is a Certified Microsoft Engineer and a Certified Blockchain expert having graduated from Vitalik Buterin's C4. Amarjit has more than 18-years experience in IT systems, security and recently blockchain technology, Ai and Machine Learning. He has worked for IBM and Citibank in the past, and successfully ran 6-different IT startups of his own. He enjoys teaching and some of his clients include top executives, directors and CEOs from Bank Negara, Mimos, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, MOLPay, etc. Learn more about him when you download the course prospectus.

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Upon completion of this course, you will receive a premier certificate from Blockchain Academy.

All certificates issued by the academy are timestamped on the blockchain.

This means anyone at anytime can validate the authenticity of your cert to prove its authenticity.

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Vincent Cheong Petaling Jaya

A great presentation of knowledge and information on blockchain.

Thanny Ng Petaling Jaya

Awesome and eye-opening. Informative and better clearer understanding of blockchain tech.