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Blockchain Academy is proud to present the Certified Blockchain Technologist™ training. This is a 2-day instructor-led classroom training which dives deep into the fundamentals and hands-on sessions of blockchain technology.

Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Blockhain is the technology that powers bitcoin and all other digital currencies. But in the last few years, there has been tremendous development in the blockchain scene. Many groups around the world have developed applications on the blockchain which are beyond digital currency, payment or finance. In fact, last year (2018), VCs have pumped in more than $3.9billion US dollars in blockchain startups. 

Participants who attend this course will not only be equipped with fundamental concepts of blockchain but rather go through hands-on practical sessions and group work to discover real-world opportunities and use-cases they can create and go to market with.

Course Modules - Day1

Welcome Note and Basic Introduction
Module 01 - Blockchain Basics
Module 02 - Digital Currency
Module 03 - Smart Contracts
Module 04 – Smart Property
Module 05 - DAOs & DApps


Module 06 – Blockchain 3.0
Module 07 – Blockchain Limitations
Module 08 – Possible Solutions
Module 09 - Government Regulations
Module 10 - Blockchain Setup (Live In Class)
Group Work & Assessment

Learning Outcome

  • Know exactly what blockchain is and how DLT works.
  • Learn why blockchain is beyond payments and finance.
  • Gain a deep understanding of digital currencies (Bitcoin & Ethereum) and why they are important.
  • Learn about smart contracts, smart property, Ethereum and DApps.
  • An overview of the 5-top blockchain programming languages.
  • How to be prepared for Blockchain 3.0.
  • Dive in to see the technical limitations of blockchain and why it is not for all scenarios.
  • Learn what are some of the key solutions to blockchain's limitations.
  • Get to know the governments stand towards blockchain, digital currencies & crypto exchanges.
  • Get your hands dirty with a 'live' implementation of blockchain in the classroom (Group work assessment).
  • Find out what does the future hold for blockchain & how to quickly benefit from this revolution.


CBT Instructor
Amarjit Singh (Mcse, Cbp)

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Amarjit is the Co-founder of Blockchain Academy. He has more than 15-years experience in IT hardware, software and security. In the last 5-years he's been working closely with several blockchain and FinTech startups. His work with IBM and Citibank has given him an edge where he is able to bridge the gap of using technology to solve real-world problems. Amarjit is one of the first conferred TEDx speakers in Malaysia for blockchain, fintech and techpreneurship. He actively participate in local and international events, forums and discussion as a keynote speakers and moderator most times.

His other credentials...

  • Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer
  • Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP, C4)
  • Board of Director, IDACB
  • Member of Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM)
  • Executive Member of World Blockchain Association
Certificate of Achievement CBT

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    review rating 4  Good speaker, good topic, good venue but the speaker should have been given a space in front instead of an unit area behind a large TV screen

    thumb Shaji

    review rating 5  Thanks Amarjit for the great presentation on blockchain fintech ai...

    thumb Nicholas Chung

    review rating 4  Get an insight on blockchain, how fintech can help start up . Good learning

    thumb Cally Yau

    review rating 5  Mr Amarjit Singh is a very insightful person to talk about the Fintech scene. An hour and a half of his session managed to bring a very fresh perspective on the scene.

    thumb Ahmad Affan