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Course Overview

Certified Blockchain Technologist™ is a 2-day instructor-led training specifically designed for corporate professionals. Participants will get a chance to explore not only the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology but also gain a deep understanding of how to apply this technology into their work or business environments. This course is 'industry agnostic' meaning the training methodology focuses on hands-on practical lab sessions and real-world case-studies. Participants will also learn how to setup and initiate a 'live' private blockchain during class.

This CBT training has been in the market since 2017 and we have received several accolades and awards from top industry players, central banks and financial institutions. To date we have successfully trained and certified close to 1500 professionals spanning from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Dubai. The CBT training is conducted by a qualified and certified industry expert.

What Will You Learn

By the time you complete this training, you will be able to...

  • Understand and define blockchain technology fundamental concepts.
  • Discuss why blockchain is beyond payments and finance.
  • Identify and examine what are the existing blockchain protocols.
  • Illustrate what are smart contracts, smart properties and other smart assets.
  • Recognize what are some of the common blockchain tools and programming languages.
  • Inspect what is Web 3.0 and why blockchain technology matters.
  • Understand the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. (Technical overview)
  • Uncover the different types of cryptocurrency wallets. Which ones are safe and which aren't.
  • Learn why we recommend Luno's cryptocurrency wallet and its crypto trading functions. (Live implementation)
  • Learn how to incorporate digital payments into your business.
  • Assess what are the technical limitations of blockchain technology.
  • What are blockchain and ethereum's proposed solutions.
  • Discuss and closely examine five top Malaysian blockchain & fintech companies.
  • Examine the different types of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.
  • Study the guidelines setup by Bank Negara Malaysia and SC (Securities Commission of Malaysia) on Digital Assest Exchanges.
  • Setup and configure a private blockchain in class.
  • Predict the future of blockchain technology, fintech, Ai and other emerging technologies.
  • Conclude your training with an online exam.


No technical knowledge or programming skill is required to attend this course.

Course Snapshot

  • Classroom, Instructor-led
  • Beginner to Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Online Test: Yes
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Next Intake: TBC
Soon as the next training is announced, we will notify you via email.

Course Modules

Day One

  • Blockchain Technology: An Overview
  • What Is Blockchain? Technically Speaking
  • Why is Blockchain Disruptive
  • Blockchain Wallets
  • Digital Asset Exchanges
  • Blockchain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 (an Overview)
  • Blockchain Beyond Finance & Payments
  • Blockchain Programming Languages (Intro)
  • Blockchain 1.0
  • Double Spend Problem...Resolved!
  • Bitcoin Blockchain: A Closer Look
  • Digital Currency Transactions
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Proof of Work (POW)
  • Proof of Stake (POS)
  • Blockchain 2.0
  • Financial Services
  • Crowdfunding
  • Prediction Markets
  • Ethereum Blockchain Overview
  • Smart Contracts: How They Work
  • Trustless lending 
  • Colored coins
  • Blockchain 2.0 Protocol Projects 
  • Blockchain Dev. Platforms
  • APIs & Rest APIs
  • Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Counterparty 
  • Dapps, DAOs, DACs, and DASs
  • DASs and Self-Bootstrapped Organizations 
  • Automatic Markets and Tradenets 
  • Blockchain & AI, What’s The Connection?
  • World's Top Blockchain & Fintech Projects - Case Studies

Day Two

  • An overview
  • Problems Blockchain 3.0 Will Solve
  • Energy consumption
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability
  • User Experience
  • Namecoin 
  • Digital Art 
  • Hashing Plus Timestamping 
  • POE (Proof of Existence)
  • Blockchain Is Not For All
  • Technical Challenges 
  • Throughput 
  • Latency 
  • Transaction Size & Bandwidth 
  • Security 
  • Wasted resources 
  • Usability 
  • Versioning 
  • Hard forks 
  • Multiple chains
  • Non-Interoperability
  • Dark Pools 
  • Alternative Hashing Algorithms 
  • Unspent Outputs 
  • Blockchain Interoperability 
  • Posting Bond Deposits 
  • APIs & REST APIs
  • Business Model Challenges 
  • Scandals
  • Public Perception 
  • Government Regulation 
  • Privacy Challenges 
  • Future of Blockchain
  • Introduction to Ethereum Mainnet & Testnet
  • Basics of GETH, GOLANG & Metamask
  • Installation of GETH
  • Genesis Block
  • Data Directories
  • INIT
  • Blockchain Initiation

Your Instructor

Amarjit Singh CBT Instructor from Blockchain Academy
Amarjit Singh
Co-founder, CEO
Cbp, Cbt, Cfp, Mcse

Mr. Amarjit is a Certified Blockchain Technologist and is one of the few who graduated from Andreas Antonopolous and Vitalik Buterin's school, C4.
  • More than 18-years experience in training IT and non-IT professionals.
  • Certifed & qualified in networking systems, security, hacking, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ecommerce.
  • Ex-IBM and Citibank. Well rounded industry knowledge in finance, banking, IT, blockchain & eCommerce.
  • Currently assisting several 'real world' blockchain projects.
  • Clients include: business owners, CEOs and professionals from various industries and sectors.
  • Trained executives from Ministry of Finance (MOF), BNM, Mimos, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, MOLPay and close to 1000 other companies since 2017.

Exam & Certificate

Upon completion of the training, ALL participants are required to sit for an online test. There are 40-multiple choice questions to be completed within 1-hour and the passing rate is 70%. Upon completion and successfully passing the test, participants will receive a letter and a printed certificate from Blockchain Academy.

All certificates issued by the academy are timestamped on the blockchain. This means anyone at anytime can verify the authenticity of your cert to prove its authenticity.

Sample CBT Certificate Blockchain Academy


How to profit from blockchain tech.

Excellent speaker! Now I know what to do to profit from blockchain.

Corwin Lim


Real knowledge of Blockchain!

After attending the course, I have got the real knowledge of Blockchain technology and I strongly believe it will open up to my research in the future.

Jafor Ali

PhD Student, Uni. Islam Antarabangsa (UIA)

It was an amazing experience!

It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend the courses at Blockchain Academy. Its for all ages and sectors!

Hariz Imran

Business Owner, KL

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Soon as the next training is announced, we will notify you via email.

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