I was browsing the net to see what I should write about next when I stumbled upon some information about a company in Estonia called Nafen which plans to use Blockchain technology to increase efficiency and disrupt an entire industry in the next 2-years or so.

From what I gathered, the company is planning to do an ICO to raise approximately $14million euros, to increase production and track every nano-fiver produced. But I’m not writing this article to promote their ICO. I’m writing to share with our readers how a non-fintech company involved in a somewhat traditional business model has thought of an ‘out of the box’ idea to use the Blockchain technology to increase it’s production and improve it’s overall operations. They are going to disrupt and entire industry.

I must say, I was impressed when I delved deeper and discovered about this company and their mission. There are many ICOs happening out there, but ANF Technology, the company behind Nafen’s patented nano fibers seems to already have not one but several prototypes ready to be scaled and I think this should be at the heart of a promising and safe investment project. Only teams from the real economy sector can meet these requirements and the rapidly changing trends of the crypto-industry. Such teams can open the access to high-tech industries to their investors via an ICO.

Several years ago, the project team has patented the technology of the production of Nafen aluminum oxide nanofibers, which can improve their structure of various materials when added to it. The production of these nanofibers has started in the European Union, in Estonia. At the moment, the Nafen team cooperates with many large chemical companies in Europe and the USA. The project has repeatedly won in the programs for innovation industry development in the European Union and has received a number of grants from the European Commission.

The project’s CEO, Roman Gertcev recently commented:

“The high-tech production of Nafen nanofibers is a project that has already passed the stage of a “promising startup”. Now it is a really working business with an experienced team interested in exerting themselves, with a road map, an own industrial site and serious customers. In our case we are talking about a project that is going to disrupt tremendous profits over the next two years.”

He emphasized that Nafen can be tokenized, because the nanofibers are a unique patented material that can not be faked or reproduced by some other technology. The exclusivity of the nanofibers and the working production site make the project a promising participant of the blockchain process.

In  A Nutshell

Nafen nanofibers are thin nanoscaled fibers with a diameter of only 10-20 nanometers and a length of up to 15 centimeters. Such fibers are not found in nature and can only be created by an artificial method. They are produced by controlled synthesis of Al2O3 aluminium oxide nanostructures on the surface of aluminum melt in the presence of special oxidizers.

Being a unique nanomaterial, Nafen is already used to solve many urgent problems. For instance, in the creation of light and strong composite polymer materials for cars and yachts frames and hulls; durable and safe lithium-polymer batteries; various catalyst systems; high-strength concrete compositions, geopolymer composites. Nafen can also be used to create materials of increased durability suitable for extreme conditions — the space and the Arctic.

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News excerpts from The Merkle.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia.org

2 Thoughts on “How Nafen Plans To Use Blockchain In Its Nanofiber Business”

  • If the case is real, I think any angel investor would want to invest in this Nano fiber. However, I believes ICO is a way for them to get fast cash (token) for expansion. Pro and Cons. Blockchain is a decentralised model, while the traditional prefers centralization. There is a need for the company to answer where did they actually raise the model. Is ICO a term acceptable by the authority now?

    • Hello Edmund. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Fyi, Nafen’s case is real. And yes they are raising funds (tokens) for expansion and personally I think there is nothing wrong with that, provided there is legitimacy and integrity, which I believe there is, based on my research. I doubt they would have secured 2.5million Euros from the European Commission in the first place if they hadn’t already proven themselves. A lot of ICOs do not even have any prototypes to show and they have raised millions within minutes. Looking back in the last 6months to a year, you fill find the most hyped ICOs do not even have a MVP (minimum viable product) to show. I think the investing community has become wise to see through and to not get into the next hyped ICO that easily. Everyone needs to do their homework.

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