Wong Mun Ching Kuala Lumpur

Good sharing by the speaker.

Veera Govindan Kuala Lumpur

Very informative and energetic presentation.

Jason Ng Petaling Jaya

Simple and direct!

Shaji Petaling Jaya

Good speaker, good topic, good venue.

Lim Keng Seong Kuala Lumpur

I learnt a ton. Very very good training.

Corwin Lim Petaling Jaya

Excellent speaker! Now I know what to do to profit from blockchain.

Arief Azhar Petaling Jaya

Valuable experience and worth it! Looking forward to learn more.

Thiaga M Kuala Lumpur

Eye opener to whats going on and what needs to be done to get ready.

D L Kuala Lumpur

Given a lots of ideas and what is happening right now in the market of how blockchain tech is booming in finance industry

Mihna Zahir Petaling Jaya

I gained a lot of knowledge and I am very interested in learning more now.

Hoh JJ Kuala Lumpur

Very interesting session. Inspired me to have a new direction. TQ

Cally Yau Kuala Lumpur

Gained valuable insight on blockchain tech and how fintech can help start ups. Good learning!

Chan Jiong Jiet Petaling Jaya

Great speaker and amazing insights of blockchain and fintech industry!

Hafidz Baharom Kuala Lumpur

Very informative, especially for writers and journalists needing a crash course on the basics.

Ng Hao Siong Kuala Lumpur

Learnt a lot about blockchain technology from these people. Awesome!

Kar Yoong Cheah Kuala Lumpur

Very nice experience! Totally worth the money.

Danny Chin Singapore

It is interesting to see how Malaysians are using blockchain. Very informative workshops.