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Harnessing Blockchain for Sustainable Development: Prospects & Challenges
  • how countries and international community can harness blockchain technology.
  • potential of blockchain technology to contribute to sustainable development.
  • how blockchain tech is being integrated with artificial intelligence, robotics and gene editing.
United Nations


Bloomberg Crypto Outlook
  • Bitcoin $20,000 or $100,000?
  • U.S. Winning Digital Cold War
  • 1,2,3 - Bitcoin, Ethereum,Tether

June, 2021

Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2021
  • Strategy Insights
  • Derivatives and Leverage
  • Governance
  • Hedge funds who are investing in digital assets

June, 2021

Bitcoin and Ether: An Investor's Perspective
  • Why bitcoin?
  • Why ether?
  • Returns
  • Volatility
  • Correlation
  • Risks

June, 2021

Crypto Crime Report
Everything you need to know about ransomware, darknet markets, and more.
  • Money Laundering
  • Darknet Markets
  • Scams
  • Stolen Funds
  • Terrorism and Extremism Financing


Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019
  • Redefining the rules of the game: changing consumer priorities
  • 15 Rise of non-financial services companies and the growth of ecosystems
  • SMEs worldwide have become significant users of FinTech
  • FinTech challengers are joining SME-provider ecosystems
  • FinTech companies
Earnest & Young (EY), 2019
Guidelines on Digital Assets
  • Application to Raise Funds Through IEO
  • Issuer’s Obligations
  • Requirements for Registration and Application
  • Hosting on Other Platforms
  • Conduct Requirements for Digital Asset Custodian
Securities Commission Malaysia, 2020
The Rise Of Digital Banking In Southeast Asia
  • Understanding Emerging Challenger Banks
  • Southeast Asia’s Digital Banking Opportunity
  • Shifting Attitudes To E-Adoption
  • Five Enablers Of Digital Banking Adoption
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

December, 2020

Crypto: A New Asset Class?
  • Bitcoin As A Macro Asset
  • Crypto Is Its Own Class Of Asset
  • What Is A Digital Store Of Value?
  • The Role Of Crypto In Balanced Portfolios
Goldman Sachs Group

May, 2021

FinTech & Cybersecurity: An ASEAN Outlook
  • A relationship worth understanding
  • Cybersecurity Ecosystem in ASEAN
  • Country Cybersecurity FinTech Ecosystem Snapshots
PayPal (2021)
Build Back Better: Digital Updates For Today’s Challenges
  • Digital Solutions To Tackle Covid-19
  • What’s Next For Financial Services
  • The Future Of Money And Payments
  • Digital Collaboration And Innovation
  • Traceability And Verification
Global Blockchain Business Council (2021)
The Big Tech In Fintech Report: How Facebook, Apple, Google, & Amazon Are Battling For The $28.2T Market
  • Which big tech giant leads fintech investment activity.
  • Which financial services verticals are gaining traction among tech giants.
  • How big tech’s product strategies differ across banking, payments, lending, and e-commerce.
  • How big tech companies leverage partnership deals with incumbents to expand their financial services offerings.
  • Which strengths and capabilities differentiate each tech giant from others in financial services.

June 2021