This self-paced online course is brought to you exclusively by the data team from Microsoft.  You will learn how to become data literate and discover all the fundamentals of data analysis. You'll basically know what a Data Analyst needs to know and deliver. Digital transformation and advanced technologies like AI and quantum computing are fueled by data. Every industry and profession needs data analysis, from a small business’s survey data to CERN’s 100’s of petabytes per experiment. Analyzing data is one of the most critical skills of the future.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand data’s many contexts, origins and applications in life, work, and society
  • Understand introductory level data and mathematical concepts
  • Work with different types of data
  • Become data literate with the basic data analyst toolkit, including data storytelling
  • Apply summary statistics to analyze and understand data sets
  • Apply analytics methods to industry and business scenarios
  • Learn about data analyst career paths


Anyone can enroll in this course. No prior experience or knowledge in data analytics is required.

Course Modules

This course is divided in 6-modules:-

Module 1: Our Data-Driven World
Module 2: Our First Data Walkthrough
Module 3: Our Data Structures
Module 4: Our Data Analysis Methods
Module 5: Our Data Analysis in Context
Module 6: Final and Challenge Labs


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Ben Olsen
Snr. Content Developer at Microsoft

Ben is a Sr. Content Developer for Microsoft's Learning and Readiness team, and is an analytics professional and educator with over 8 years of industry and managerial experience. Prior to joining Microsoft, Ben ran and directed multiple consulting firms, where he also held critical analytics roles in companies as diverse as Juniper Networks, Costco, and T-Mobile. He has taught Data Visualization at The University of Washington, and recently founded Seattle Pacific University's Analytics Certificate Program.

Tom Carpenter
Data Science & Research Consultant

Tom Carpenter is a freelance data science and research consultant and owner of Tom Carpenter PhD Consulting. Tom has a PhD in Social Psychology from Baylor University (doctoral minor in statistics). Tom has worked for several years as a freelance research consultant and statistician with several companies and research organizations, and he also teaches research and statistics. Tom’s passion is helping people hear the story in their data and to draw sound statistical inferences from that data.

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