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Learn the basic fundamentals of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, how Ethereum works and how to build decentralized applications (DApps).

What You'll Learn

  • What are centralized and decentralized currencies.
  • Deep understanding of Bitcoin (what is Identity, Transactions, Record Keeping, Consensus).
  • Bitcoin roots from Cypherpunk movement and Libertarian ideals.
  • Difference between Bitcoin and its early predecessors.
  • Technical explanations of Bitcoin - Bitcoin network, cryptography and cryptographic hash functions, Bitcoin Script, privacy, and hash commitment schemes.
  • Bitcoin wallets, wallet mechanics.
  • How mining works.
  • Bitcoin transactions.
  • What is Bitcoin governance and how to interact with the Bitcoin network.
  • Can Bitcoin be destroyed? How
  • Learn everything about network attacks.
  • What is Ethereum
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the idea of Turing completeness.
  • Key protocol differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • See some real world Ethereum usecases.

Course Hours & Delivery

This is an online, self-paced course developed by IBM. Participants are required to complete all modules within 6-weeks (2-3 hours per week). Once enrolled, you will be guided by your moderator who will further assist you to complete the course.


Rustie Lin
Lead Instructor, University of California, Berkeley

Rustie Lin is an undergraduate Computer Science student at the University of California, Berkeley. He lecturers on Blockchain and Smart Contracts course offered at UC Berkeley, as well as gives talks and workshops internationally. Rustie also helps to develop blockchain Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Rustie’s primary interests is in mobile and distributed systems, consensus protocols, networks and architecture.

Mengyi Gloria Wang
Instructor, University of California, Berkeley

Gloria is an undergraduate in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Computer Science and Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Before entering the blockchain space, she was an intern at Bain & Company. With the help and guidance of the Blockchain at Berkeley community, she quickly gained knowledge in the cryptocurrency space and has since then been a discussion leader for the Blockchain Fundamentals course at UC Berkeley. She was also a scholarship recipient for the Programming Blockchain seminar taught by Jimmy Song. Gloria’s primary interests in blockchain are use case theory, distributed systems, and Bitcoin mechanics.


Anyone can enroll in this course. No prior knowledge of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies is required.

Exam & Certification

Upon course completion, participants can opt to upgrade (Verified Path) to sit for the online exam (optional). Once you pass the exam, you will receive a University of BerkeleyX signed certificate. Don't hide your achievements! Display it in LinkedIn today.

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Hariz Imran

It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it for all ages and sectors!
5 Stars

Kishanthini Raj

Learned something new and very interesting topic to know about.
5 Stars

Hao Siong Ng

Learn a lot about blockchain technology from these people. Awesome!
5 Stars

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  • Online Self-paced
  • Duration: 6-weeks
  • Language: English
  • Video Tutorials
  • Fee: $10
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