Covid-19 New SOP Classroom Trainings for Blockchain Academy


In line with the Malaysian government's directive to allow certain sectors to re-open their businesses but with a conditional MCO in place, as well as looking at the declining rate of new COVID-19 cases as reported by The Edge Markets since May-3, the management of Blockchain Academy has decided to re-open some of our crucial classroom trainings effective 15 June, 2020 (Monday).

We would like to reassure all our existing and new participants that we at the academy have sworn to be vigilant and to ensure the safety and protect ourselves, our staff and all participants who attend our classroom trainings.

New Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Here's what we will be doing differently in line with our new SOP for all classroom training until further notice:-

  1. Participant 'social distancing'.

    Each participant will be given one seat and one table to be seated by themselves during the duration of the training.

  2. Students in each classroom: 6-8 pax only.

    Usually to open a class, we need a minimum of 8-10-pax, but for now, we have decided to limit the number of confirmed pax for each training to 6-8pax only. This will surely help to ease any stress amongst the students who are worried of being in an overly crowded environment.

  3. Compulsory use of face mask.

    All participants, staff and trainers are required to have their own face mask and are required to use it throughout the training days without exception.

  4. Body temperature checks.

    The building management will carry out body temperature checks at the entrance of Menara Bangkok Bank building everyday without fail. No one is allowed to enter the building without undergoing the temperature checks.

  5. Compulsory registration at front-desk.

    The academy being located within a Grade A building, we have always enjoyed heightened security. Nevertheless, all participants are required to pre-register and confirm their seats at least 3-days prior to the class so that we can inform the building management to prepare your entry passes in advance without you having to line up at the front desk to get your pass.

  6. Free hand-sanitizers

    It is recommended for all participants attending the training to have their own hand sanitizers at all times. Nevertheless, we have placed free hand sanitizers throughout the premise of the academy (especially in classrooms) for your use.

  7. Disposable recyclable utensils

    No one is allowed to use any shared utensils during meals and tea-breaks. All meals will be pre-packed and delivered by our selected vendor (Pelita Nasi Kandar) whom we have vetted personally and have assured us they conform to high standards of food preparing and packing procedures.

  8. Compulsory classroom sanitization

    Upon each classroom session towards the end of day, we will sanitize and wipe down all tables, chairs and classroom furniture thoroughly even if we have to stay up late.

With that, we hope all participants will have more confidence to attend our classroom trainings knowing that we have your safety and well being close to our heart.

If you have any inquiries related to this new SOP, kindly get in touch with us.

Thank you and we look forward seeing you in class.


Blockchain Academy Team