Despite the current bear market and industry layoffs, the number of blockchain job postings have risen in the last few months. Startups are offering top compensation packages, in particular for blockchain developers, as they compete for talent in an industry where supply is limited.

Companies like Amazon, Facebook and IBM have launched new teams to work on blockchain technology, and explore blockchain use cases.

Here’s a list of the current salary scale (in USD$) for some of the top in demand blockchain jobs worldwide.

If you searched for “Blockchain Jobs in Malaysia” on Google, you’ll discover there are currently 29 jobs to be filled (as of this email). AND more importantly they are looking for Malaysians to fill in these positions.

How To Get In Front of These Companies?

You will need to show that you know blockchain, crypto, wallets, exchanges etc. And the only way to do this is to PROOF that you’ve attended a proper Blockchain training.

Here are some courses for you to consider…

1) Blockchain Certification Course from Simplilearn
Mode: Online self -paced
Fees: Starting from $899 (Rm3,766)

2) Blockchain Business Innovation from MIT
Mode: Online self-paced
Fees: Starting from $997 (Rm4,177)

3) Certified Blockchain Technologist (CBT) 
From Blockchain Academy Malaysia – member of IDACB & World Blockchain Association
Mode: Classroom Instructor-led (Hands-on, practical session)
Days: 2 days
Next Intake: 23 & 24th October 2019 – last 4 seats left
Fees: $400 (Rm1680)

How  About  Free Online Courses?

You will find loads of them on the Internet BUT we don’t recommend it, because of 2-reasons:-

REASON #1: Free courses only gives the learner bits and pieces of the technology. It covers lots of theory but no hands-on practical sessions. You need the wholesome, complete practical hands-on training. You need an expert to show you exactly how the tech works and what are the potential possibilities from a business, development and commercial point.

REASON #2: Employers do not consider free courses valuable! From our interaction with several employers last 2-months, as well as the feedback we received from students who attended online courses, the HR managers frowned at them when they told they studied online. Upon further digging, we realized, the managers’ behavior was obvious – one can only learn so much from an online course! We’re not saying online courses are useless, but there is a huge drawback and limitation, compared to a candidate that walks in with a proper classroom attended Blockchain training. Think about it.

Your blockchain job is waiting! Its time for you to enhance your skills and get in front of these companies NOW! while there is a shortage and they are willing to pay high salaries. You need to spend some money (approx $400) to attend a 2-day hands-on practical training if you’re considering to learn from the experts at Blockchain Academy. It’s time YOU attained a recognized Blockchain Certificate.

Seats are limited! Call/whatsapp me now to RSVP your seat @ 011-1088 7461