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Are you an online gamer? If you’re not one, you should become one soon. Why? Because, a blockchain gaming company based in Central Europe is turning heads and creating a real value for users and their online gaming business.

Read on and you’ll understand why blockchain gaming infused with NFTs is becoming the next ‘big’ thing. Whether if we Asians will catch on this trend or not is only a matter of when, not “if”.

Some say NFT’s glory might be over but I think its far from over. Its only the beginning. You heard about NFTs but seldom will you hear of NFTs being used in gaming. This is a real use case. They are offering digital collectibles (NFT tokens) as prize incentives.

In fact, a recent report revealed venture capitalists (VCs) are taking NFTs (non fungible tokens) and DeFi more seriously. Millions of dollars are being pumped into NFT, DeFi and Blockchain based gaming startups.

For example, one of the world’s top venture capitalist, Andreesen Horowitz said,

“Crypto is more of an architecture and operating system, and that all kinds of products and services can be built on top of it.”

Andreesen also invested in OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace. Sign of stronger support for the NFT communities.

Earning Money From NFT Based Games

We’ve all heard (up to now) that NFTs are made for the artist or music industry – no longer. Now, you can make money from NFTs playing a blockchain car racing game.

IOI, the blockchain gaming company, is based Slovakia (central Europe) and has over 50 employees and close to 65,000 active players and traders. (as of the date of this article).

They have several products already launched and one of the products launched is a ‘play-to-earn’ model called Trade Race Manager. In this game, users educate themselves about the crypto world.

According to IOI, last month (July,2021), they saw their games being played 480,000 times. Number of sessions on the site went up to 310,000 and their main product Trade Race Manager page achieved 3.15 million views. Pretty impressive stats, right?

Also, not to forget, IOI created their own built-in wallet integrated into the gaming console. Which means, you don’t have to worry about storing your NFT winnings on 3rd party wallets. You can do it right inside the game.

What Can You Do Once You’ve Won Their NFT Token?

Several things.

Since NFT assets are interoperable on various types of blockchains, players can do several things:-

  1. Use it for different purposes or value of store.
  2. Trade it in open markets such as Binance NFT Market, Venly and OpenSea.
  3. Stake and earn.

The 2 pointers above are pretty self-explanatory. Let me share with you a little bit about “stake and earn”. 

The game has something called “on-chain staking”. Users start to earn money when they stake their tokens in the wallet. The amount of earnings depends on the number of coins staked. Users get paid daily, directly, into their IOI wallets.

In fact, that’s not all.

Do you know which country, Trade Race Manager is most famous in? Nope! It’s not a country in Central Europe. It’s the Philippines.

In fact, according to their CEO, Rastislav Bakala, 60% of their users come from the Philippines.

Here’s How You Can Win A Real Tesla Car

This was probably one of the most shocking news for me. 

IOI is launching a Tesla NFT competition. It’s a unique premium subscription game where users will be playing with Tesla NFTs and the player who gets the most wins will stand a chance to win a real Tesla car. Awesome right?

I mean, I’ve won many incentives (mostly digital in nature) but I could not believe a company would present a real Tesla car to a game winner. IOI is giving a ‘real’ Tesla car to the winner. This really shows how serious this company is in giving back to its loyal users.

CLICK HERE to check out IOI’s official site for more details.

Who Is Backing IOI?

IOI is supported and funded by some of the world’s top VCs.

Their coin is already listed on KuCoin, Gate, Uniswap and Pancake. Their partner lineup is pretty impressive too; companies like Polygon, Kucoin labs, OKEx ventures, and Daomaker are all into IOI.

From what I got to know, IOI is now planning to expand into Brazil and Russia, where a huge gaming community awaits. Pretty remarkable achievements I’d say, having launch only in 2019.

So, what is your opinion?

Is Blockchain gaming and NFTs the future? Share your thoughts with me below.

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