Put a stop to academic document counterfeiting. Increase trust and integrity of your institute with Blockchain tamper- proofing.

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Blockchain Tamper Proof Solution by Blockchain Academy

Powered by Blockchain Technology

Our solution is powered by blockchain technology. Create tamper-proof digital timestamps for every certificate you release. Prove when a document existed and that it was never tampered with.

Trust & Integrity

There is too much fraud and counterfeiting. Increase trust and integrity of your institute. Ensure employers your graduates certificates are 100% authentic.

Blockchain Timestamp Solution Build Trust

How This Works?


Number One Create White Label

We will custom make a blockchain tamper proof solution with your brand & logos.

Number Two Hand Cert To Graduate
Your graduates will receive 2 certificates (incl. a blockchain timestamp certificate).

Number Three Graduate Hands Certificate To Employer

Graduates will hand these 2 certificates to their prospective employers.

Number Four Empoyer Verifies Certificate

Employers can verify authenticity of graduates certificate on the blockchain with 1-click.

Blockchain Timestamp Solution White Label Page Sample

Your Brand, Your Logo

We will develop the solution with your institutes brand logos. Your assigned staff can login and create timestamps for your graduates' certificates within seconds.

Two Certificates

Your graduates will receive two certificates instead of one. When in search of a job, they can present both certificates to their prospective employer.

  1. Institute's printed/ soft-copy cert.
  2. Blockchain time-stamped cert.
Blockchain Timestamp Solution Graduate Receive Two Certs

Free Online Demo

In just 5-7 days, your institute can have its own Blockchain tamper proof solution. Request for a Free 'No-obligation' Demo today to see how it all works!

Your details are 100% safe!