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The state of Blockchain in SouthEast Asia 2019

It’s 8 am on a hazy Tuesday morning in KL. I’ve been researching “The State of Blockchain Southeast Asia” to write about for the Blockchain Academy blog. It seems apparent that at least in our home country Malaysia, quality news is getting less frequent.

As a result, does that mean that blockchain is on its way out? Was all this just hype brought on by the crypto speculators?

Quite frankly, no. 

Reasons to believe 

As the hysteria of cryptocurrency slows down and governments regulate, less than honest opportunists are retreating or moving on to their next big thing. Great. All the while, the developers, business owners and investors are finding ways to increase security and speed whilst decreasing costs.

What I’m talking about is blockchain as a technology, there are already huge businesses working on projects in a variety of industries such as:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)


Russian shipping logistics company Infotech Baltika

British Maritime Society


and of course:







Furthermore, LinkedIn scored “Blockchain Developer” as the number 1 emerging job.

What’s next?

So what does this mean for us in South East Asia (SEA)?

During researching this morning and I was able to find nearly 80 jobs related to blockchain in Malaysia alone. A further 400+ across Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Singapore.

Businesses are steadily adopting blockchain for its security, speed and scalability. The Asian Post had a great article on “Blockchain gaining ground in Southeast Asia” in December 2018. We are certainly seeing growth here in Kuala Lumpur with businesses cementing their foothold in the blockchain. Take a look at some of these below:


Blockchain Academy Malaysia


Fintech Malaysia


So…. what is “The state of Blockchain in SouthEast Asia 2019”?

I’d say there are many reasons to be cheerful and optimistic. That’s why as the first officially registered and accredited Blockchain/ DLT academy in Malaysia we think 2019 is going to be a very interesting year.

Therefore my questions for the blockchain in 2019 are just how quick and broad will it grow, and who else is going to do it…


Christine recently completed her masters degree from Curtin University, majoring in Computer Science. She has a strong passion for distributed technology, hence learned everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She regularly contributes her thoughts and findings in our blog. Share your thoughts with her or just say 'hi!' in the comments section below.

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