World's Second Largest Art Museum Going NFT

World’s 2nd Largest Art Museum Going NFT

You must have heard about NFTs or Non Fungible Token. This blockchain powered utility token has been raving news sites and media portals lately. Binance announced its recent tie up with Hermitage Museum, the world’s second largest art museum after the Louvre, Paris. They are planning to tokenize art masterpieces created by Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh.

Finance A Film Via Blockchain

Finance a Film via Blockchain

Are you a film producer? Then you’re gonna absolutely love this idea – probably one of the best blockchain use […]

40 Percent of Fintech Firms In Hong Kong Use Blockchain Feature Image

40% of New Fintech Firms in Hong Kong Use Blockchain

In the wake of the 21st century, more and more companies have made it a point to utilize Financial Technology (FinTech) in all aspects of their business processes. In this article, we will try to examine why they are choosing Blockchain and Hong Kong. Tasks which were once dependent on human beings, are now being replaced with softwares and applications.

How Laws and Regulations Can Affect Cryptocurrency Adoption

How Laws and Regulations Can Affect Cryptocurrency Adoption

How cryptocurencies are ever going to be accepted by the masses as a means of payment or trade is anyone’s guess. Bitcoin started off with the idea of becoming the defacto digital currency of the world, but after 11 years being introduced to the world, there are still some reluctance by many quarters. Business Insider has broken the main factors of how and what truly affects cryptocurrencies mass adoption.

Latest Blockchain Scalability Ideas

Scalability is a long-standing and oft-discussed blockchain issue, for which many Cryptoverse residents have been searching a solution. Today we […]